Here at The Plymouth Herbal Shack we believe in supplying the best CBD oil on the market to everyone. We have personally tried a lot of oils and found the products from CBD and ME UK to be the best. The internet can be a mine field for CBD and we want to make the process of buying CBD products as easy as possible. We believe in getting the message out to people that there are alternatives to filling your body with chemicals. We hope that others find the benefits of incorperating CBD in to their diet just like we have.

We have recently opened our shop selling CBD products. We are a stockist for a well known company that has been selling CBD for years. It started when i wanted to try CBD for IBS as i was going through so much pain everyday. I tried prescription tablets but nothing worked. So i tried CBD oil and oh my god. Ive gone from having a severe bad belly all day all night to now nothing i only get something now if i eat something i know irritates me. But eat it anyway. I can eat foods now i never used to eat, Drink drinks i never used to drink. I had Anxiety with the IBS aswell now i dont have any Anxiety.  I set up this shop to help people. 

I also had a car accident in 2004 in which I had a broken leg and nearly lost my leg. I’ve been getting pains in my leg ever since. And when I’m pregnant the extra weight is even worse. I have always got my husband to hurt the muscle and bone to take the pain away. I was talking to my supplier who mentioned the CBD & ME balm which I tried. And oh my god the pain went instantly. This is really good stuff. It works for anything. I don’t get pain like I did then, Only a little ache  rub a bit of cream on and it’s gone. Works for husbands dermatitis also

We are genuine Stockists for CBD and ME UK and all the products are from CBD and ME UK. All the Terms and Conditions and the privacy policy are all of Plymouth Herbal Shack and of CBD and ME UK. And where ‘we’  has been put in to the description of a product it is Plymouth Herbal Shack and CBD and ME UK.