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BudkissDog 3% CBD 300mg 10ml

3% CBDa+CBD 3 Blend Entourage Edition

300mg 10ml

A blend of 3 strains of Hemp with high concentrates of CBD

from organic sources in Europe and the USA

THC Level of 0.2% or under (The Legal Amount)

Chosen from Hemp bred to be high in CBD, this is a mix of 3 strains from Europe and the USA

Grown organically, pesticide free and 3rd party lab tested.

This is a raw oil unheated and untreated and contains all the cannabinoids, terpenes and naturally occurring compounds

that work together creating a truly original Entourage effect with all the plants goodness.

The Original 3% is the first in our line of oils and treats for man and his best friend.

2 reviews for BudkissDog 3% CBD 300mg 10ml

  1. Harriet

    My jack Russell x Yorkshire terrier has been doing so so well since starting this cbd oil! The vets are still unsure what his condition may be (behavioural, epilepsy, focal seizures, etc), and after trialing different vetinary prescribed meds we’ve found no solution. However this cbd oil has given us our dog back! He eats well, fly snaps/seizures less, has much less anxiety and even seems to be responding to us better, which helps in training! This is the only type of ‘medicine’ he is now on, and is doing better than ever. We give him 2-3 drops in the morning and evening with his food, in a puzzle/slow feeder that he just loves! He isn’t too keen on the taste, but mixed in with his wet and dry food he doesn’t seem to notice it as much, better than on a treat anyway! We will be continuing with it for the foreseeable future, our vets have been informed and have no issue or qualms about us using it. Whoever I’ve been in contact via email with, (asking lots of questions) has been super helpful and would recommend to anyone who may need any advice to email and just ask! Really lovely to be apart of the Facebook group as well and see how cbd has helped so many different issues and illnesses! Amazing. Thank you.

    • The Herbal Shack

      Thank you harriet for your lovely reply. I have been having problems with my wordpress site so havent been able to reply. Im so glad its helping him and that he has stopped all medicines now thats brilliant news. Please continue to update us on this its fantastic news. And your welcome was lovely to talk to you through email X

  2. Kerry

    My 7 yr old Springer Spaniel has Kidney Disease and it is quite advanced. He was really struggling to keep food down, had upset stomach and was generally looking like he had had enough. Didn’t have an appetite at all. Somebody mentioned trying CBD oil and as a last resort I thought why not. Nothing else was working (even anti sickness pills). He’s been on the drops around 3 weeks now and the difference is amazing. He’s looking for food now, the sickness is less frequent. Maybe 3 times a week instead of twice a day. He looks more alert and seems to be happier. I know these drops will not help with his Kidney condition but as long as they are helping with the symptoms that come with this horrible disease I’m happy. I’ve also started my other Springer (his brother from the litter) on them as he was quite stressed with it all and his coat had lost it’s shine and gone thin. It’s starting to look good again and he seems more himself. Thanks for all your advice when I was thinking of buying them. I’m hoping they’ll give me a little longer with my beautiful boy.

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